via Valgella 9, 23036

Teglio (SO)

We believe nature should be left to take its course, which is why our wines are made only through spontaneous fermentation.

Our thought is based on manual work, which draws inspiration from the principles of natural viticulture. All the stages of production, from the construction of the dry-stone walls, stone by stone, to the cultivation of the vines, right up to bottling, are dealt with in accordance with nature. For this reason, interventions in our vineyards are reduced to the minimum to follow natural cycles. Sound bunches of grapes are collected in baskets and brough to our winery through the steep dry-stone walls and terraces. This is where the grapes are gently removed from the stalks and softly pressed, and then placed in steel containers, where spontaneous fermentation takes place using exclusively indigenous yeasts, that is yeasts that are already present in the grapes. Once maturation is completed, the wine is bottled.