via Valgella 9, 23036

Teglio (SO)

Our land, Valtellina, is characterized by a “heroic” viticulture and a terroir which is unique in the world and whose undisputed protagonist is Nebbiolo.

Valtellina is rich in history and tradition. Surrounded by the Alps, it is famous for being one of the main mountain viticultural areas. Its steep slopes and terrain have always made it necessary to resort to terracing. And it is terracing, the immense stretch of dry-stone walls which are still being built by hand today, that makes the cultivation of our vineyards “heroic”, as it is carried out on arduous terrain. Dry stone walling, which is defined as a real art by UNESCO, is now considered as Heritage of Humanity, representing “a harmonious relationship between man and nature”.
Our land is characterized by a rich and varied terroir and by a noble variety of grapes, Nebbiolo, which the locals call Chiavennasca.


Everything originates from a bud, this is why we chose a bud to represent our winery. Garzöl is, in fact, the word for bud in the local dialect.

Our history has its roots in Valgella, a hamlet of the municipality of Teglio, one of the five sub-areas where Valtellina Superiore DOCG is produced.

Garzöl is the result of the partnership between two old friends, Denis e Giulio, who come from two families of farmers that have been personally cultivating vineyards for generations.

The bond with our land, the desire to enhance and consecrate our territory as well as the love for working in the vineyards that has been handed down to us have pushed us to realize what seemed just a dream.

With Garzöl we wanted to honor a long-standing history while preserving the simple principles that characterize our families.

This is why we have created a small winery that produces a wine that fully incorporates and expresses all the characteristics of the mountain in which it is made.